GUILTY PA - Makayla Doyle, 2 mos, died of traumatic injuries, Hatboro, 24 Feb 2013

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    Edward Doyle age 28 of Hatboro went out to celebrate a friend's birthday on Saturday night. Once the night was over he brought friends back to his place for a card game. After that broke up he and his wife "briefly" went to a friend's apartment and argued about taxes.

    Doyle returened alone to where two month old Makayla was in her swing. He claims she began to cry and he took her out of the swing and walked to the kitchen falling over the swing and on top of the baby.

    O.K. now he checked to see if she was breathing but admitted "groggy". Who??????????????????? Him or the baby. Their 15 month old was not hurt. Mackayla took a binky around 7:00AM or so. He awoke to find her unresponsive.

    Who stayed with these babies when he and his wife went to another apartment? The guy was drunk and she stayed elsewhere?

    Sounds like a whole lot of angry was going on between these parents.
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