PA PA - Philadelphia, Blk/HispMale 12-17, UP16617, on RR tracks, scars, poss virgo tatt, Jul'96

John/Jane Doe

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Feb 14, 2021
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Could someone name the current exclusion list for this John Doe? I'm not from the US so I can't see the exclusions by NamUs.


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Apr 8, 2023
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Bumping for Philly Independence John Doe on his 27th discovery anniversary and angel day.

Dear Philly Independence John Doe, happy 27th anniversary of your discovery. I hope one day we are able to find out who you are.

You were so young and I’m sure your family is looking for you. I never knew you, but I do care about you, young man.

As far as I know, you’ve been cremated so the only ways to find out your true identity are looking at your photos, or if we have your fingerprints or dentals we can use that. It will make it harder but not impossible.

Nobody’s given up on you, sir. Someone’s looking for you. Your mom, your dad, your siblings, aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, classmates… heck maybe even your middle school bully probably recognizes you. I promise someone misses you!

I hope you’re enjoying yourself in the afterlife. We do care very deeply about you, we’ve been working diligently these past 27 years. You’re probably looking down and reading this message. I along with many people am trying my best to help get you back home.

So, happy 4th of July and happy angel day and discovery anniversary. Enjoy the fireworks, the beach, and the barbecue.

Enjoy the afterlife and hopefully we will know who you are, your family can have answers, and you can rest peacefully. In 1984, a girl about your age was also found on July 4th but she was found in Bowling Green, KY. May the two of you rest peacefully and Imm sure you two are best friends in heaven.

I wish you peace and comfort in the afterlife and may God bless you always. You may be unknown to us, but you’re certainly missed and known to someone.