Missing pregnant Shannon Watts and her two daughter's bodies found, husband arrested
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PA PA - Philadelphia, BlkMale UP10276, 30-79, in demolished bldg, Mar'12

Discussion in 'The Unidentified' started by Migmuu, Apr 13, 2014.

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    Age - 30 to 79 years old
    Race - Black/African-American
    Sex - Male
    Height - 5'6, estimated
    Body conditions - Not recognizable (Partial skeletal parts only)
    Probable year of death - 2006

    Address: 2323 Federal Street, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19146
    Workers of Thomas Curan Construction Co. were clearing debris from a partially collapsed building undergoing demolition when Thomas Curan (owner of Co.) noticed a skull partially covered in the basement of the building and called 911.

    Pretty much nothing. Remains were skeletonized so there was no hair/eyes to work with, and apparently there wasn't anything distinctive that the ME could find.

    Hospital scrub shirt (Tenet on pocket), jean shirt with ''Wyeth Jacobs Drug Product Grange Castle'' above pocket, sweatshirt, and a coat/jacket
    Also found with PARS paperwork. It apparently belongs to a Richard James of 2413 Kimball Street, 19146. DC#06-17-010970 from 3/4/2006.

    DNA is available and entered
    Dentals are available and entered
    No fingerprints because the remains were skeletal
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    1. Age (80) is just one year out of range. Not uncommon when you're dealing with older people
    2. Race (black) matches
    3. Clothing is consistent, although not a complete match. Boozer was last seen with a sweatshirt and coat, which the UID was found with. UID was also wearing a hospital shirt, which would be consistent with the fact that Boozer disappeared after visiting a nearby hospital
    4. Distance is only 2.7 miles. Very doable if Boozer simply wandered away
    5. Timing is spot-on. Boozer disappeared in June 2006, UID is presumed to have died in 2006
    6. Circumstances line up. There's no indication that Boozer walked away from his life. The UID was found with a hospital shirt, and Boozer disappeared just after leaving Wills Eye Hospital. He has a history of wandering and had gone missing before.

    The PARS paperwork with the name Richard James confuses me, though. 'James' is Boozer's first name. However, I don't know why he would have that paperwork with him (or where the 'Richard' would come from). It's possible that, if this UID is Boozer, he just found it somewhere and took it … the fact that the name is 'James' might just be a coincidence because James is such a common name.

    If the UID is Boozer, the delay can possibly be explained by LE getting 'tunnel vision' and only looking for people by the name of Richard James. If it isn't Boozer, then we potentially have another missing (and possibly unreported) person on our hands.
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    There is one rule out in NamUs:

    William Rochelle 1934 North Carolina

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