PA PA - Philadelphia, LIVING Asian Female, in hospital, Apr'15

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    PA - Alive & Hospitalized Asian Female - Philadelphia

    The City of Philadelphia, Philadelphia County, is in South-Eastern, PA.

    Day 4

    Sat., Apr. 4th: WTXF-TV : :

    Includes Photos

    Appearing to be their standard, Philadelphia PD Press Release:

    "The Philadelphia Police Department is currently seeking the public's help in identifying a woman
    found injured in West Philadelphia.

    On Wednesday, April 1 at approximately 10:08 AM, Medic 9 responded to a radio call for a female on the highway at 5400 Chestnut St.

    Medics located an Asian Female who did not speak English. The woman appeared disoriented and unkempt; however, she did not appear to be injured.

    The female was transported to Misericordia Hospital ER at 501 S 54th Street for evaluation. The female had no personnel possessions with her and was wearing
    Red Hospital Slippers, a Purple Sweater, and Gray Sweat Pants.

    An Officer responded to the hospital and spoke to the female in Mandarin Chinese, at which time she became agitated and would not tell the Officer her name or any other information.

    On Thursday, April 2, 2015, Southwest Detective Division met with the female, using an Interpreter; however, she made several incoherent statements and was not able to provide any information.

    Anyone with information on the female's identity, please contact
    Southwest Detective Division at 215-686-3183..." [Emphasis by Richrd]

    [ Awaiting Age-Range, Height, Weight, Eye Color, Hair Color, Distinctive Markings ]

    Philadelphia Police Tips -- (215) 686-TIPS -- (215) 686-8477 -- Text: PPDTIP (773847)
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    She probably got angry because she's not Chinese...she's Vietnamese. Lol
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    That's actually a possibility, although maybe something other than Vietnamese. I worked with a young girl many years ago at a factory. Every now and then they'd get a group of Vietnamese immigrants coming through for orientation, and they'd always have her translate for them. One day she told me that she wished they'd stop doing that because she doesn't speak Vietnamese that well. I said that surprised me since she came from Vietnam. She said, "I came here from Vietnam, but I'm Cambodian. I only lived in Vietnam a few years."

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