Identified! PA - Philadelphia, WhtMale UP10938, 60-70, Dec'12 - Name not found

Discussion in 'Identified!' started by Donjeta, Feb 17, 2013.

  1. Donjeta

    Donjeta Adji Desir, missing from Florida

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    There is a clear and recognizable postmortem photo at the link. (No visible injuries)

    White male, 60-70 yrs old, 69 inches, 198 pounds.
    Close cropped gray hair, receding in front.
    Vertical, linear scar on the right knee.
    purple pigmented birthmark on lower left abdomen
    purple pigmentation on the back of neck
    multiple pigmented plaques on upper back
    No teeth.

    Grey "North Face" knit hat
    Red scarf
    Blue long sleeve "Adidas" shirt
    Red sweatshirt (no hood)
    Tan "Sympatex" jacket with green interior lining
    Green pants
    Tan cut-off sweatshorts
    White "Adidas" socks (2)

    Black "Rockport" sneaker, size 14 - left foot
    Black laced "Hush Puppies" dress shoe, size 10 - right foot

    He was apparently homeless before he died so if he was reported missing it might not have been recently.
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    Sounds like he could have had a knee replacement or some kind of surgery to his right knee. Maybe they can use the ID number on the hardware, if there is any in his knee?
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