GUILTY PA - Reinaldo Zayas, 25, stabbed to death, Philadelphia, 5 May 2003

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    Police are seeking a couple in connection with the fatal stabbing of a Kensington man that was caught on a 911 audiotape two years ago after the victim called for help on his cell phone while he was being tortured, police said yesterday.

    Homicide detectives searched two locations in Kensington over the weekend for John Alexander, 21, and his girlfriend, Michelle Carter, 22. Both are wanted in the slaying of Reinaldo Zayas, 25, of the 200 block of West Allegheny Avenue.

    In May 2003, horrified city 911 workers listened for 18 minutes while Zayas screamed in pain as his captors stabbed him repeatedly, demanding drugs and money.

    Wrapped in duct tape and held captive in his minivan, Zayas was somehow able to dial his cell phone for help, but unable to give his location. Police did not have the technology to trace the signal; although it exists, it is not available in Philadelphia.

    Zayas was found stabbed to death the next day, May 6, 2003, in his van.

    A Philadelphia grand jury returned a murder charge against Alexander, police said. Carter is charged only with three counts of perjury.
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