GUILTY PA - Robert Thompson for child pornography, Allentown, 2008

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    I guess the judge decided to let former Dr. Thompson enjoy the holidays with his family. He doesn't have to report to prison until Feb. 2011. There might be some things to tidy up also. I find Thompson's description of the way his addiction "morphed" a disturbing one.,0,5463710.story?track=rss

    Allentown dermatologist gets prison for child porn

    "An Allentown dermatologist will serve three years in federal prison for possessing child pornography.

    Robert J. Thompson, 55, was also fined $25,000 Monday and ordered to serve 10 years' probation following his prison term by U.S. District Judge Cynthia M. Rufe.

    Thompson was charged with possessing more than 200 sexually-explicit photos of children stored in several home computers. He pleaded guilty in February to possession of child pornography.

    Thompson worked in Allentown and Bethlehem and was affiliated with St. Luke's Hospital but stopped working there in May 2009..."


    "[Thompson] described his activity as an "AOL addiction" that began with viewing adult porn but morphed into interest in child porn for as long as a decade, according to court documents.

    Prosecutors said Thompson sought out Internet chat rooms to find others interested in child pornography and communicated with them via e-mail and instant messaging. He stored the photos in hidden folders on his computer, they said, and tried to erase the photos...."

    more at link
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