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    Dear Friends:

    For the past few years I have been speaking to families of missing children. This has been one of the hardest things I have ever done! These families are going through the hardest time in their lives. They feel so alone and so desperate. All of them want answers, they need closure. Sometimes, they get it and sometimes they don’t! When I speak to them, they are hoping that I have the answers that somehow I will find a way to find their loved one. I am just a man, a musician that by personal experience has made this my mission! However, I am very limited as to what I can do. But with your help, I have come up with an idea that can help many. I can’t do this alone, I need your help! You have shown a deep desire to be a part of my mission that is why I am sending you this information, in hopes that you will join me to “Bring Our Children Home”. I want to make some changes in the way things are being done to help the families of missing children. However, by the time we can do this, we will lose more children and devastate more families; so until we can make some changes in the system, I am proposing the following:

    I need volunteers to be a Sam Watkins Live Representative in your area. You have volunteered to be that Representative. You will not have to put much time and effort into it unless you are called into action. The moment a child is missing in your area, you will be contacted. You may be called a few times a year, or maybe not at all; it depends if there is anyone missing in your area which is very hard to predict. But you are not obligated to do anything unless you can and/or want to. That is the reason why we need several hundred in each state. This can only be done with a lot of manpower.

    If we have several people working together, it will only take a few minutes or hours of your time which will depend on you and your availability. There will be packets which will include all resources that the family will need so that they can concentrate on dealing with their loss instead of trying to figure out what they need to do. Most families have no clue what they should do, it will be up to us to make sure they take the steps necessary to find their child!

    This is what you will be doing:

    1. We contact you when a child is missing.
    2. You will meet with others in your area and make a plan of action. Assign who will be doing what and when and for how long.
    3. If possible, you will contact the family and let them know they are not alone. Gather information including pictures, videos and anything else they can put together for you, about the missing child. Look for resources in there are depending on what the family’s needs are.
    4. Make sure the child’s picture and information is posted on all missing children websites, etc.
    5. Pass out flyers and posters.
    6. Send out press releases.
    7. Coordinate benefits or vigils, etc.
    8. After we have 100 people in your area or close to it, we will send you the packet and inform you when there is a child missing in your area or you can contact us if you know of one and we will get you started.

    For now, make friends, invite people to join in your area. Make a commitment to get 5 people in your area and make sure they get 5 and as soon as we have the 100 we will get you started. We may contact you in a few hours after we get the 100 people or you may never hear from us. Hopefully, you will never hear from us but if you do; you will be the most valuable resource a family has when they find out that their child is missing! If you are still interested in helping us, send me an email to: On the subject: I want to be a Sam Watkins Representative in _______(your state). On the body, give us the best way to contact you by text or email and when you can start. After we receive your info we will put you in our database and when we finish the packets in your area and we have 100 people we will let you know that you may be called at anytime when a child is missing.

    Thank you for your help and support!
    God Bless
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