PA - Timothy Alan Lawler, 26, Berks County, 28 Sep 2015 - child sex crimes

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    Timothy Alan Lawler -- White / Male / 26 Years Old

    Oley Township, Berks County, is in South-Eastern, PA.

    Day 6

    Sat., Oct. 3rd: WFMZ-TV : :

    Includes Photo

    Lower Court Criminal Docket Sheet:


    IDSI = Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse

    *"Recent Entries made in the Court Filing Offices may not be
    immediately reflected on these Docket Sheets..."

    Grades of PA Crimes:

    H1 = Heinous of 1st Degree; H2
    F1 = Felony of 1st Degree; F2; F3
    M1 = Misdemeanor of 1st Degree; M2; M3
    S = Summary

    Historically, Most PA Charges Like These Are Closed-Out in Lower, Magisterial District Court,
    then Advanced, with a New Docket Number,
    to Upper Courts of Common Pleas.

    { A when-issued Upper Court Docket Number should resemble: CP-06-CR-0000____-2015 }

    Pre-Trial Confinement in lieu of $100,000 Bail.

    Justice For All of Our Precious Little Ones.
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