PA - Tineshia Robinson, 17, dies in arson fire, Philadelphia, 22 Jan 2006

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    A 17-year-old girl was killed in an East Mt. Airy house fire yesterday that police believe may be a homicide.
    The one-alarm fire began at 10:29 a.m. in a home on East Pleasant Street near Chew Avenue by what fire officials called an incendiary that quickly spread the fire through the first floor.
    Janice Robinson, 46, and her daughter Tineshia Robinson, 17, were found on the second floor and carried out by firefighters.
    The teen was pronounced dead by physicians at Einstein Hospital.
    Her mother was in critical condition there last night
    Neighbors described Tineshia Robinson as being a student at Olney High School, but Garrett said she'd heard that the teen may have dropped out.
    "As far as dealing with me, the younger girl was very nice, but there was a lot of activity [in the house] during the day with school-aged children," said Garrett. "There were always a lot of teens running in and out, and people banging on the door all night. I'm not sure if they lived there or not."
    Garrett said she saw two men running from the house before the fire began.
    "I did see two people run out of the house; two fellows came out of the house, ran up the street, stopped at a house and sat on the steps for a few minutes. They then went on up the street."
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    Well, I sure hope Ms Garrett can pick these two fellows out of a line up.

    How sad. Hope Mom recovers.

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