PA PA - Unieque Rodgers, 17, Homewood, Pittsburgh, Allegheny County, Mar 2019

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    Pittsburgh Bureau of Police

    Pittsburgh Bureau of Police detectives seek the public’s help locating a missing teen.

    Unieque Rodgers, 17, of Homewood was last seen wearing a white hooded sweatshirt, blue jeans, black tennis shoes and glasses.

    Anyone with information on her whereabouts is asked to call Missing Persons detectives at (412) 323-7141.

    upload_2019-3-16_3-39-39.png upload_2019-3-16_3-39-22.png

    Police In Pittsburgh Searching For Missing Teen
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    Waiting on response from Pittsburgh Bureau of Police that Unieque was safely returned home per her mom's FB comment, approximately 12 hours ago. You will find her on the comments section of that linked FB account for LE.

    Please report, or delete, if this is premature. I only post because it is one less missing on people's minds.
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    Looks like her FB page has had some activity (July).
    Unieque Rexha

    Still haven't seen official confirmation to verify mom's FB comment on LE post.

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