PA - Virginia, 97, & Roger Houck, 59, found bound in basement of burnt house, Palmer, 4 Jan 2019

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    Bodies of elderly mother and son found bound in the basement of house | Daily Mail Online

    Police in Pennsylvania say they believe a home was deliberately set on fire in an attempt to cover up the deaths of an elderly woman and her son whose bodies were found tied up in the basement.

    Roger Houck, 59, and his mother Virginia Houck, 97, were found dead on January 4 inside the woman's home in Palmer Township.


    Roger had been bound at his feet and died as a result of 'homicidal violence.'

    Virginia, meanwhile, who was under hospice care and bedridden, had binding around her head and died from smoke inhalation and burns.

    The bodies were so badly burned, they needed to be identified by dental records.

    upload_2019-2-12_4-12-47.jpeg upload_2019-2-12_4-12-57.jpeg upload_2019-2-12_4-13-16.jpeg upload_2019-2-12_4-13-31.jpeg

    Mystery still surrounds the case and authorities said they did not want to release too much information for fear of hindering the investigation.

    Police have said that they believe it was not a random act and that the mother and son may have been targeted.

    What we know about the Palmer Township fire homicide victims

    Elderly Woman, Son Murdered in Lehigh Valley Fire, DA Says
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    How sweet and how sad.
    I hope that the person of interest pans out for LE.
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    This is just another horrible, horrible crime. Heartbreaking! Prayers for the Houck family.
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    Why am I thinking a "relative" may be involved? The mother was old and sick, and the son may have been set to inherit her estate? Someone upset?!

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