PA-York City police officer Steven Kyle Cugini accused of sexually assaulting 13-month-old child - 17 April 2024

Muldrow: 'My heart still breaks when things like this occur'​

"As a father, as a grandfather, as a person who's dedicated most of his professional life over 24 years to wearing this badge, serving and protecting kids, families, my schools and this community, my heart still breaks when things like this occur," Muldrow said.

"And I understand how everyone feels right now. I just thank God for those daycare employees, those mandatory reporters, who were vigilant, stepping in and getting her little soul some help," he said.

And even goes a step further into evil by lying to police to attempt to cover for him when questioned. Sick. MOO another person giving up their own child's safety and well being for their bf. Disgusts me.
Yes. And it is somewhat difficult to have any sympathy towards the girlfriend IMO from what is available thus far. Also seems the last several months of who had the child in their care, who dropped off and picked her up at the day care needs to be determined. And any possible visits to ER or doctors or emergency care should be assessed - assuming they were willing to take her for care? Hurts to write and contemplate this. :(

The girlfriend’s initial statements to police seem off? And if the case, why covering for him? MOO
In the second linkt, it looks like this officer had been convicted by a crime with a 16 year old that but it was probation after a plea agreement that the mother of the victim called a betrayal. It is obvious that this officer was not reformed and should have stayed in jail
So they accepted him into the police force with a record like that?!? WTH!!
So they accepted him into the police force with a record like that?!? WTH!!
It was a different cop who got a sweet heart deal over his “relationship” with a 16 yr old HS student. He then broke 2 of his parole conditions and will finally be held responsible. The story regarding the second cop is behind a paywall so I can’t see it. He obviously didn’t take his parole seriously, maybe he’ll think about it while locked up but I don’t think pedos can be fixed so they need to be stopped.
I believe that Mom is probably terrified of the monster, and I'm not making excuses for her, just saying...
I didn’t catch that vibe at all. The attacks happened in two places & spread out over a 4 day span. She said it took 10 seconds for him to open the bathroom door & his shirt was wet but his pants were pulled up. So she did go to the door & confronted him, she just didn’t stop him. There were also text messages between “the mother” & POC regarding the injuries. This poor baby had 2 broken bones! Thankfully that daycare did the right thing!

We’ve seen this happen too damn often. Mothers that for reasons I’ll never understand let men prey on their babies. IMO they need to be charged at least w/failure to protect or injury due to omission.

12 July (Upper) Court Date


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