PA - Youth Coach Charged With I.D.S.I.+ :: Delaware County - 23 Dec 2015

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    Youth Coach Charged With I.D.S.I.+ :: Delaware County - 23 Dec 2015


    Charles Robinson :: White / Male / 60 Years Old

    Radnor Township, Delaware Cnty, is in South-Eastern, PA.

    Wed., Jan. 6th: WCAU-TV : :

    Includes Photo

    Lower Court Criminal Docket Sheet: :

    Pre-Trial Release on 10% of $100,000 Bail.

    I.D.S.I. = Involuntary Deviate Sexual Intercourse
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    Police in suburban Philadelphia's Main Line charged a married former youth coach, Boy Scouts leader and church member with sexually abusing a family member starting when the child was only 13 years old.

    Radnor Police Superintendent William Colarulo joined the Delaware County’s District Attorney’s Office to announce the arrest of 60-year-old Charles Robinson.

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