Panda Fakes Pregnancy for More Food

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    A giant panda at a China zoo has reportedly faked having a proverbial “bun in the oven” for, well, more buns in the belly.

    Chinese state media Xinhua reported that zookeepers at Chengdu Giant Panda Breeding Research Centre had plans to televise the birth of panda Ai Hin’s cubs after she apparently showed signs of pregnancy. According to the zookeepers, she was constantly hungry, lethargic, and even showed an increase in pregnancy hormones.

    Further observations yielded that it was all a ploy by the panda to get more buns, fruits, and bamboo, Xinhua reported.

    Ai Hin apparently is not unique in her attempt to fake a pregnancy. Many pandas keep up the act to receive preferential treatment at zoos including attention, private air conditioned rooms, and additional food.

    The gig is up for Ai Hin but we’ve got to appreciate her hustle for noms.
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