Pasco County FL deputies buy shoes, sandwich for man

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    Pasco County deputies buy pair of flip-flops, sandwich for shoeless citizen

    TRINITY, Fla. - A regular call to service over the weekend turned into a good deed in Pasco County.

    On Sunday, Pasco County deputies responded to a report of a man loitering behind a Trinity gas station. While they spoke to the individual, who was not identified, they realized he wasn’t wearing any shoes. The sheriff’s office released body camera video of the encounter."
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    Not having shoes in the FL heat is dangerous. The tar can blister your skin quickly.

    If he is “trespassing at Walmart” then he’s probably causing concern with his behavior. Perhaps what he really needs is to be driven over to the men’s shelter. They can help him get the services he needs. Meals, shelter, showers, job assistance if he’s able to work. I wish him well and hope he can stay safe.
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    Yikes! Can't imagine the burns to his feet from the asphalt.
    Poor guy probably got a trespass for being shoeless.
    Trinity looks like a very small town, so I hope the locals treat him as kind as the officers did.
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