Paul Burrell plans West End stage show

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    Princess Diana's former butler is looking to appear in his own West End stage show titled An Evening With Paul Burrell.

    A producer, who uses an office service in London's Berkeley Square, has contacted one of London's major theatre owners - the Ambassador Theatre Group - to check availability for the one-man show.

    Sources say Burrell is preparing to offer up a 'production' in which he would give a scripted talk about his life in royal service, particularly his relationship with the princess

    The producer, Ian Osbourne, has contacted several London theatres in connection with the proposed show.

    Showbiz commentator Baz Bamigboye said: "When I mentioned the Burrell proposal to a bigtime producer in London, he exploded. 'My God, the West End's become devalued. There are so many low-rent productions. It's like Scunthorpe,' he told me.

    "I mentioned the Scunthorpe line to another occupant of theatreland, and he sniffed: 'Actually, I rather like Scunthorpe.' The idea of an evening with Paul Burrell fills me with absolute horror.

    Full Story from Ananova
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