People in power make better liars, study shows

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    People in power make better liars, study shows

    Findings suggest that dishonesty comes more easily to those on top

    For the average liar, she said, the act of lying elicits negative emotions, physiological stress and the fear of getting caught in a lie. As a result, she added, liars will often send out cues that they are lying by doing things like fidgeting in a chair or changing the rate of their speech.

    But for the powerful, the impact is very different, according to the study:

    "Power, it seems, enhances the same emotional, cognitive, and physiological systems that lie-telling depletes. People with power enjoy positive emotions, increases in cognitive function, and physiological resilience such as lower levels of the stress hormone cortisol. Thus, holding power over others might make it easier for people to tell lies."
    :liar: much more at link
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