Peter Boyles interviews Dan Caplis, Craig Silverman, Julie Hayden and Carol McKinley

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by cynic, Oct 23, 2013.

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    Peter Boyles interviews Dan Caplis and Craig Silverman regarding the GJ indictment news in Part One below, and continues with an interview of Julie Hayden and Carol McKinley in Part Two.

    KNUS - 710 AM Radio – Denver, October 23, 2013
    Part One (36 minutes)
    [ame=""]PBGJ1 - YouTube[/ame]

    Part Two (20 minutes)
    [ame=""]PBGJ2 - YouTube[/ame]
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    Thanks for bringing this post to WS, cynic. Just finishing up listening from the links you posted on FFJ.

    Interesting that Boyles said Shiller told him the day of the press conference that AH gave that the GJ was writing up the indictment.

    Loved hearing Caplis' opinion that JR was a reptilian and cold-blooded. Silverman obviously wants us to think JR was in it enough for Garnett to consider charges still being available for a prosecution against him.

    Those who have the time, listen to the interviews...good stuff.
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    (5:13) Most of them agreed with Hunter, but the one person who didn't
    was Dave Thomas. Dave Thomas felt, who was the DA of Jefferson
    county at the time. And he felt like Hunter had enough to go for it.

    (9:40) CM: Well you know it's kinda interesting
    when you see all this time that's gone by
    It's gonna be 17 years in, on December 26th....

    A lot of people have died
    I'd sure like to see these grand jurors come out
    and say something
    because now it's,
    now we're looking at secrets dieing with people

    You know what I'm saying

    People go to their grave
    and they keep the secrets with them ....

    But in trying to contact these grand jury
    members in the last week,
    I work for ABC now and so we were
    trying to find one to talk to us
    and three of them have passed away.

    Three of the twelve original
    so that leaves nine.
    Only nine had to sign
    this true bill to get it through.

    So once this comes out this week
    we're gonna see
    whether that there was disagreement,
    whether there was,
    whether they were all in agreement
    on this true bill.
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