Peter Boyles interviews James Kolar and Carol McKinley

Discussion in 'JonBenet Ramsey' started by cynic, Aug 5, 2012.

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    This is the latest offering from Peter Boyles over at KHOW 630 Denver Radio regarding the Ramsey case.
    He interviewed Carol McKinley and Jim Kolar on his August 2, 2012 show.

    Here is an mp3 download option:

    or the same audio via YouTube:

    Part One (11:37)
    [ame=""]BMKK1 - YouTube[/ame]

    Part Two (10:36)
    [ame=""]BMKK2 - YouTube[/ame]

    Part Three (12:15)
    [ame=""]BMKK3 - YouTube[/ame]

    Some excerpts:

    Carol McKinley: John Ramsey’s latest book is all about religion
    Peter Boyles: I know…John Ramsey’s latest book is a con.
    Carol McKinley: Nobody bought it.
    Carol McKinley: He said it’s his faith that got him through.
    Peter Boyles: I’m sure. No, it’s his lawyers that got him through, and his money and his BS that got him through…

    Peter Boyles: He (Michael Tracey) groomed John Mark Karr just like a pedophile grooms a kid on the Internet and this idiot woman, Mary Keenan Lacy, bought the story, that’s the GD truth, Jim, and I think you know that.
    Peter Boyles: The guy’s getting boobs put in in Thailand, the Thai’s are calling him lady-man and they buy him champagne and caviar on the plane at the Boulder taxpayer’s expense, that’s the work of Mary Keenan Lacy, that’s the work of Michael Tracy.

    Peter Boyles: I say this. If we took Lady Justice who wears a blindfold and she holds scales, if we put everything in one scale, all the evidence that points to the Ramseys and their family and we put everything in the other scale, the 10th marker from the DNA sample from JonBenet’s underwear in the other, the scale that says the Ramseys did it is going to drop like a rock.
    Carol McKinley: The cops do say that they like to look at the totality of the case, not just one piece of evidence.

    Peter Boyles: Do you think that Alex Hunter ever even allowed that Grand Jury to vote?
    Carol McKinley: I don’t
    Peter Boyles: I don’t either.

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    ty for the excerpts cynic.

    That was the oddest of radioshows.
    Very little from Kolar but lots of boisterous commments and fill from PB,
    song paradies, and anecdotes about MT.
    PB did cut to the chase.

    Lin Wood 'looms'.
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    Thanks for the MP3 option, it is going straight onto my phone, nice!

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    This guy is good to listen to, most enjoyable.

    There is clearly an awful lot of stuff we don't know about in this case and it is frustrating.

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