PA Philadelphia, White Male 55-70 Yrs Millville NJ Laundry Tag Jan '69

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    Pulling from the article. It was OCR text and very jumbled/scrambled so very hard to tell what belonged where. Much of the info breaks off mid sentence so there is likely more in there.

    The Millville Daily from Millville, New Jersey · 1
    The Millville Daily i
    Millville, New Jersey
    Issue Date:
    Tuesday, June 3, 1969
    Page: 1

    reported missing to police Monday evening by the woman at whose home he resided. .John Wild, 56, of RD. 2, S. Delsea Drive,

    said that Wild resided with her and her husband

    She said all of Wild's belongings, except the clothes he was wearing when he disappeared, were still at the home.

    it was unusual for Wild to disappear as he never went any place without saying where he was

    The Millville Daily from Millville, New Jersey on June 3, 1969 · 1
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    Here is a picture of the full article.


    So, it's the same as the first page of this thread's article.
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