Pignappers demand 2 ears of corn, 1 ripe mango ~ later leave porkchop "cooked pig"

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    Did ''the big bad wolf'' kidnap Mary and Bobby Romines' swine?

    That's what police here are investigating.

    On Tuesday, the Romineses received a ransom letter that was signed ''the big bad wolf.''

    ''They think they have me buffaloed, but now I'm mad,'' Mary Romines said of the ''pignappers.''

    ''They may think it's funny, but they're going to be charged with theft.''

    Police Chief John Tisdale said once his department catches the kidnapper, the responsible person will be charged.

    Two concrete porkers, each about 1 foot tall, were taken from the Romineses' yard sometime between June 26 and the early morning hours of June 27, according to police records.

    The first ransom note demanded two ears of corn and one ripe mango, said police spokeswoman Kate Novitsky.

    Mary Romines found the ransom note tacked to the front gate of their home in A and L Trailer Park. Her husband, Bobby Romines, called police.

    The note requested that Mary Romines deliver the ransom at the front gate of the mobile home park.

    Mary Romines just wants the pigs returned unharmed, she said.

    The pig statues were taken from her front yard, around a birdbath and beneath an arch surrounded by other cement swine brethren and chickens.

    The chickens were moved but not stolen.

    ''The other pigs were dusted with negative results,'' said a Gallatin police report.

    ''The (ransom) letter will be sent to T.B.I. for processing for (fingerprint) lifts,'' the report states.

    One pig is presumably male, sporting blue overalls, while the other is presumably female, decked out in a pink dress.

    The pigs are valued at $10 each.

    On Monday, the Romineses received a cooked pork chop with a note that said, ''cooked the pig.''

    Tuesday night, the ''pignappers'' left the Romineses another letter, this time attached to a bag of pork rinds asking if she was scared. The letter demanded a potato, and the note was signed from ''the big bad wolf.''

    ''Pigs can be replaced,'' said Mary Romines.

    ''It's the letters that are unnerving.''

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    'Big bad wolf' is such a pig.....

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