FL Pinellas County Possibly Linked Missing Women 1970s-1980s

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    Very interesting article! It is dated 09/09/1993, which is 26 years ago. Based on the details in part 3 of the article, it seems as if Joseph Crawford may have more information that could assist detectives. Per the article, "he once saw Hill dig a large hole before dawn one morning" but would not provide more details. Now that CH Jr is deceased (2018, per PCSO), perhaps Crawford would be willing to disclose more details.

    If it's the same Joseph Crawford (DOB 10/04/1948), he would now be 70 years old. He is no longer incarcerated in FL DOC. Released 08/11/2014:
    Inmate Release Information Detail

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    He may have been the person who gave LE the idea of where to dig (the lot, not the exact spot) back in 1993. They did do some digging on a few of the properties that CH Jr owned, but found nothing. Someone did tell LE that they'd dug in the wrong spot on one lot, saying that it was BEHIND a building, not NEXT to the building. I don't know when that bit of information came to light, but they did say that the spot behind the building that was indicated as a possible burial site has since been paved over and no further investigation into that location has been done as far as I know.

    I honestly believe that the women are on properties that he had access to, not ones that he owned. I've printed out a list of all of the official records and criminal records linked to him, and slowly gone through and written out what they're about so I don't have to keep going back randomly opening documents to find what I need. It's also helped me pinpoint what work he was having done on his own properties, as well as what jobs he may have done around certain dates. That, paired with searches of permits and general contractors, will hopefully give me a reasonable list of possible locations to search. My biggest question mark right now, aside from the locations, is what he did with their jewelry. Did he sell it? Keep it? Leave it on their bodies? I wish I knew about pawn shops or something along those lines that were around in the 1970s-1980s. He had a lot of money issues through the years and it seems reasonable to think that he may have sold their jewelry in order to cover some debts to avoid losing equipment, foreclosure, federal tax liens, etc.

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