Pirate treasure rumour sparks gold fever

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    HE claimed discovery of a $US10 billion 18th century treasure trove on Chile's Robinson Crusoe island has touched off an epidemic of gold fever among treasure hunters, residents and officials.

    The modern-day gold rush when Chilean security firm Wagner announced that its ground-scanning robot had located a legendary pirate hideaway containing a lost bounty of jewels and gold coins. Robinson Crusoe lies 600km west of Chile's central coast in the Pacific, and was a refuge for corsairs crossing the ocean as well as the home of Scottish castaway Alexander Selkirk, the Crusoe of Daniel Defoe's famous adventure story.

    According to legend, Spanish navigator Juan Esteban Ubilla y Echeverria stashed the fortune, amassed over centuries by pirates on the island in 1715. It was then found by a British sailor, Cornelius Webb, and taken to another area of the island to be reburied.

    Legend has it the booty, weighing 800 tonnes, includes two papal rings and a storied jewel known as the "Rose of the Winds".

    Members of an expedition organized by Wagner salvage believe they have pinpointed the site, according to attorney Fernando Uribe Echeverria, who is advising the team.

    "It is the greatest treasure in history," Echeverria told reporters, adding that searchers would start digging in a matter of days once permits had been granted. He claimed the treasure was worth $US10 billion.

    The island of 600 people is part of the Juan Fernandez archipelago administered by Chile's National Forestry Corporation as a national park and biosphere reserve.

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    Fortune and riches Cass! :dance:

    (let's just hope geraldo doesn't get wind of this)

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