Pizza Hut In Trouble Over Alleged Racial Slur

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    GREER, S.C. -- A Greer husband and wife have started legal action against the owners of a local Pizza Hut restaurant.

    David Benson claims that a racial epithet was printed on the receipt for a meal he ordered from the Bergen Foods-owned Pizza Hut in Greer last summer.

    "(I) went to the counter, ordered my food, he gave me my change and receipt back," Benson told WYFF's Nigel Robertson.

    A few days later he saw the slur printed at the top of the receipt where his name should have been.

    Benson, who is black, still has the receipt as proof. (see article for photo of receipt which says NASTY N*****)

    Benson suspects the employee working at the cash register that day might have been offended by Benson's wife, who is white.

    "And she is a very beautiful woman," he said.

    Benson's attorney, Theo Mitchell, said the receipt was "insulting, humiliating, debasing, embarrassing and racist."

    Company lawyers said they couldn't comment on a pending case.
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