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    To the Wonderful JBR Posters, Please read this announcement and come chat with us. We need to have a good sized turnout. Please??? Thanks all.

    And thank you for helping keep this case alive. No matter what side you are on there needs to be Justice for JonBenet​

    Tonight 10:00 PM Eastern, 7:00 Pacific Join Websleuth's for an On-Line Chat with the Authors of the True Crime Book, "Limb from Limb." The true story of Tara Grant.

    Written by Websleuth's member Melissa Preddy and George Hunter, Limb from Limb is a fascinating detailed look at the truly bizarre murder of Tara Grant.

    If you haven't read the book then you have to come to this chat. The authors will give us an in-depth look at one of the strangest cases we have ever had on Websleuths. com

    If you have read the book (and it is getting rave reviews by the way) then I know you will have many questions for these two.

    Here is the link with all the instructions for tonight's chat.

    [ame=""]Chat open for discussion all day, every day! - Websleuths Crime Sleuthing Community[/ame]

    Please stop in and support Websleuths by participating in our chats.

    Here is a brief bio on both authors;

    George Hunter, a Detroit native and the leading crime reporter for The Detroit News, covered the Grant case from the day it hit the southeast Michigan media radar until the final verdict, and beyond. He spoke to Stephen Grant and other key players frequently as the investigation progressed and was the last journalist to have contact with Stephen moments before the now-convicted killer disappeared into a snowstorm on live TV, just as detectives were locating Tara's torso in the Grant garage.

    Impressed by his detailed, well-sourced stories, New York's Kensington Publishing Co. approached George about turning the case into a true-crime novel. He agreed, and to date is the only writer to be granted cooperation by the Macomb County sheriff's office in chronicling the case.

    George's collaborator, Melissa Preddy, also is a long-time Metro Detroit journalist, a life-long true-crime reader and a Websleuths fan going back to the early JonBenet days. In writing Limb from Limb, the team conducted personal interviews, reviewed public records and court documents, and even traveled to Michigan's rugged Upper Peninsula to research Tara's childhood and speak with those who knew her before Stephen Grant entered her short life.

    Thanks to Websleuths for their interest and look forward to sharing behind-the-scenes details of the case during our live chat.
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