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Discussion in 'Netflix Series: Making A Murderer' started by Jaiddie, Feb 18, 2016.

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    I am very new to WS and have only been posting a couple of months now, so am unsure how this works. The main thread that I had been discussing on was apparently shut down and it said to use the topic threads. So was wondering where I go to mainly keep up with what's going on with these cases and to also discuss the various elements of the cases and the documentary. I know this thread is meant to be about the boys new representation only, so I am confused where to go to just discuss new developments period. A lot of new stuff has just been made available to the public and I do read the reddit threads, but I don't really post there. I liked posting and discussing here because the people seem much more down to earth and more mature conversations can be had. Where do I go now that the main thread was shut down? :please:

    As a side note, I feel sorry for the new people who had been just recently posting because they had just seen the documentary. Where do the people go who see the doc today and want to discuss it now that the main one has been shut down?

    Edit: added another question.
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    Hi Jaiddie, :welcome6: to Websleuths.

    The primary reason the main thread was closed is bc it is time consuming for us mods to move posts to threads that are focusing upon specific subject matters (e.g., RAV4, burn pit, DNA, etcetera).

    I also get that it can be daunting for posters to try to keep up with multiple threads. However, having the various aspects split out as separate threads makes it much easier to find information at a later time, should you be looking for it.

    Importantly, if you do not see a thread that matches a topic you wish to discuss, please feel free to start a new thread.

    And finally, please, do not hesitate to give us (mods) a shout out, if you have questions. The easiest way to do this is to click the little red triangle with the red exclamation mark, in the bottom left corner. That way, all of us receive your question, thereby insuring that at least one of us are able to assist.

    Hope this helps to clarify. And again. :wagon:
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    Thanks for posting here. Just read your topic here. Glad to know about it. lol

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