Podiatrist "billed" foot amputee for "cutting toe nails" etc

Discussion in 'Bizarre and Off-Beat News' started by blueclouds, Jul 5, 2004.

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    You know, my dentist is semi retired, so I tried a different one. His first words were that all of my fillings needed to be replaced (even the ones only 2 years old) and that they were too big for the white fillings, so I'd need to have crowns on all of them. How much woud my insurance pay for each crown, and what did they consider a crown?

    Scuze me?

    I won't even go into the cleaning where he is jamming my gums so hard he's even asking me if it hurts too much, and then telling me I have gingivitis because the gums are bleeding (!?)and need to come in several more times. (My gums never bleed when I brush or floss, and when I went back to my semi retired dentist, he laughed, and also said it was the lousiest cleaning job he's ever seen).

    Sometimes I think you shouldn't tell them you have insurance until the exam is over.

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