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    Poland Missing People Database
    The above database lists missing persons from Poland including where they were last seen. It also offers an area to search for Polish citizens who were last seen abroad.
    Our mission, our values
    We help look for the missing people and offer support to their families. We are a group of people united by common values: concern for other people’s well-being and safety, respect for human and citizen rights and respect for people’s right of self-determination.
    We never judge people’s attitudes, behaviour or choices. We constantly strive to expand our knowledge and experience in order to bring relief to those who suffer and successfully deal with each reported case.
    We identify ourselves with the ideas of liberal democracy and citizen society. All our services are free of charge.

    Unidentified People Internet Database
    The database contains photographs and descriptions of people of unknown identity who have been reported to ITAKA. You can use it to check if somebody you are looking for has not been reported as an unidentified person.
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