Police do reports in school lots in safety measure

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by Reader, Feb 7, 2013.

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    CASTLE ROCK, Colo. (AP) — Stunned by the Sandy Hook Elementary School shootings in Connecticut, police and school officials in one Colorado county felt they had to do something to reassure students.

    Their solution: Have police officers on patrol do their arrest reports and other paperwork in school parking lots, rather than simply pulling off the road or returning to the police station.

    It's had an immediate calming impact at a time when the nation is embroiled in the emotional debate over gun control and gun violence.

    "The kids get to see us in a new light. We're not showing up after something bad has happened," said Sgt. Chris O'Neal of the Douglas County Sheriff's Department south of Denver.............

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    Not only is it a good idea as far as safety at school because I would hope it would deter many (although if determined to kill they will go somewhere else) from deciding to do what was done at Sandy Hook.

    But I think the opportunity to see and accept police in their space during times of peace or calm or normalcy, it does encourage teens to see police as just folks. Doing their job. Their job happening to be enforcing the law, servicing and protecting the public.

    I do not believe for a moment it saves or protects the world from this sort of massacre. I do think it would make a shooter less likely to make his indecipherable statement at a school where this was being practiced.

    I wonder though, if knowing where police in the area (zone/district?) were always going to do their paperwork or meet up to change shifts, won't end up being used by a determined person whose thought process is so far from our own to further their plan to kill many and then themselves in some grand, completely unexpected, unexplainable way.

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