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Police hero didn't need words to understand a newborn in need

Discussion in 'News that makes you smile!' started by zwiebel, Nov 3, 2014.

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    Way back in 1983, Sgt. Bob Jackson was working graveyard shift with San Diego PD on the 163 freeway in Kearny Mesa, when he saw a car come up behind his vehicle. Its headlights were flashing and a man was waving wildly. When Jackson stopped, the man began speaking in panicked, rapid Vietnamese, which Jackson didn't understand. He did catch the English words 'baby' and 'wife' though, and one glance at the passenger was enough. There was a lady giving birth there, and the baby's head had already crowned.

    Moments later, Sgt Jackson held a newborn baby girl in his hands. A motionless one, with the cord wrapped tightly around her neck. He unwrapped it, rubbed her back, and placed the now healthily-crying baby on mom's belly. After a brief meeting at the hospital, where media covered the story of the parents, the baby, the language difficulties and the Sgt who saved the day, they never saw each other again.

    Until the now 31-year-old Trinh Kennedy finally despaired of ever finding the freeway hero who helped bring her into the world, and reached out to NBC 7. All she had was an old newspaper cutting, but that didn't have a photo of Sgt Jackson, or the department he was with. But with the help of police, the station found the now retired officer for her, and last week Trinh, her husband, their 8-week-old baby and Grandmom Doan Hang, drove from Vegas to San Diego to meet up with the now-retired Jackson. This time, there was no language barrier, and Trinh, the freeway baby, made certain she got a photograph of her hero to show her own baby one day.

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    Sweet story, thank you for sharing it. :)

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