Police honor poodle that can walk on two legs for promoting road safety

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    Police have honored a 4-year-old male toy poodle that can walk on its hind legs for promoting road safety, it has been learned. The poodle, Pluto, was honored for walking around on its hind legs bearing a road safety advertisement during the national autumn road safety campaign. The dog's owner, Kimio Koyama, 53, a resident of Matsusaka, Mie Prefecture, was handed a certificate of appreciation and some dog food as part of the award.

    On Sept. 21, the first day of the campaign, Pluto walked 20 meters on his hind legs over a pedestrian crossing, wearing a sash bearing the words, "traffic safety."

    Passersby contacted police afterwards, saying the dog had given them renewed recognition of the importance of road safety.

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