Police kill World's toughest bad guy?

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    Police shot and killed a 35-year-old man who withstood efforts to subdue him for eight hours -- including being pepper-sprayed and shot with a stun gun and a weapon that fires hard rubber plugs -- before he jumped through a window and charged officers with a machete, authorities said Monday.

    The man was visiting relatives on the 1200 block of Valota Road on Sunday when his family called police to report he was acting strangely and might have assaulted his nephew, Capt. Scott Warner said.

    When officers arrived about 12:30 p.m., the man waved a machete at police and retreated into a bedroom, where he barricaded himself in a closet.

    In an attempt to get him to drop his weapon, police doused him with pepper spray eight times, hit him with rubber plugs from a weapon known as a sage gun roughly 15 times and shot him in the chest with an electronic stun gun twice, police said.

    He withstood the pepper spray and sage-gun blasts, Warner said, pulled one stun-gun probe out of his chest with his hands and used the machete to slice the second probe's wires.

    Police opened fire when the man, still wielding the machete, jumped through a window and charged them, police said. He died at Stanford Hospital. As of late Monday, his name had not been released.

    Five officers were placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

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