Police nail aquaman for bank heist

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    Olympia officers arrest a man on West Bay Drive after a robbery at Key Bank on Thursday afternoon. The man, who had diving gear with him, was tackled by police after he led them on a short pursuit that ended near the water.

    OLYMPIA -- A bank robber wearing a wet suit under his clothing attempted an aquatic getaway Thursday after leading police on a high-speed chase, police said.
    But officers stopped the man before he made it to Budd Inlet with blue scuba gear and a backpack full of stolen cash. The man bolted for the water after wrecking his car in the 1700 block of West Bay Drive, police said.

    The chase started two miles away at Key Bank, 2920 Harrison Ave W. At 5 p.m., the robber entered the bank with an assault rifle, pushed a customer out of the way, and pointed the weapon at a teller as he demanded money, Olympia police Sgt. Ray Holmes said.

    It was one of the more unusual and daring heists in recent memory.

    "First, we don't have a lot of robberies where people use assault rifles, fortunately. The second part is this guy had obviously planned ahead an escape route," Holmes said.

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