Police Protection for Judge and Witnesses

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    Beware of FLDS enforcers, Texas told

    Texas police have been standing guard outside the home of the Texas judge who ordered the removal of all the FLDS children from the YFZ Ranch.
    The heightened security was ordered after authorities from Utah and Arizona warned them to be on the lookout for FLDS "enforcers," the Deseret News has learned.

    Every officer guarding Judge Barbara Walther's San Angelo house was provided dossiers and photos of 16 FLDS men and women whom Utah police deemed a threat. However, e-mails obtained by the Deseret News from the Washington County Sheriff's Office warned Texas authorities to be suspicious of everybody, not just those on the list.

    "There are many individuals who are willing to give up their life for the cause and you can never underestimate what a religious fanatic is capable of," according to the e-mails, which were obtained through Texas' public records law.

    Police were also keeping close tabs on witnesses, as the "enforcers" might try to "intimidate kids and other witnesses, watch foster homes where kids may be placed, bribe witnesses, appear at court hearings, and make attempts to contact FLDS kids," according to an e-mail from an investigator with the Tom Green County District Attorney's Office

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    On the list are people who have: attempted to or have intimidated victims and witnesses, informed persons that they were no longer worthy community member, taking note of security staff, procedures and routines at courthouses, staring down prosecutors in attempts at intimidation and act as security for Warren Jeffs and the flds.

    http://www.childbrides.org/news_control_des_dossiers_of_select_FLDS_sent_to_Texas_authoritiDossiers of select FLDS members sent to Texas officials
    *Link includes some photos*

    FLDS spokesman: William Roy Jessop AKA "Willie the ****" or "King Willie"
    The most serious threat affiliated with the FLDS religion. Reportedly has a passion for violence, weapons (legal and illegal) and explosives. Accused of intimidating witnesses at Warren Jeffs' trial in 2007. "If anything remotely resembling violence or intimidation occurs, you can be fairly certain that William had a hand in it."

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