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    FORT SMITH - A murder in Georgia making headlines around the U. S. is also drawing the attention of Fort Smith Police.
    Investigators are checking to see if 61-year-old Gary Michael Hilton, the man suspected of murdering 24-year-old Meredith Emerson in Georgia's northern woods, could be connected to the 1994 murder of Melissa Witt.
    "There are similarities between the victim and Melissa Witt," says Sergeant Jarrard Copeland of the Fort Smith Police Department. "The physical characteristics, the age was close, and there was the possibility he may have done this to others." (more at link)

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    Morgan Nick-Alma, Arkansas-June 9, 1995

    Morgan Nick- Missing since 1995 PLEASE HELP

    Witnesses told authorities that they observed an unidentified Caucasian male watching Nick play on the field earlier in the night. The man apparently approached a group of children playing with Nick and asked them a question; investigators have not publicly released any additional details about the conversation. The suspect is described as being approximately 23 to 38 years old in 1995, 6'0 and 180 pounds. He had a moustache and three to four days' growth of beard. The suspect had black or salt-and-pepper hair, which was combed to the back and possibly curly. Two sketches of Nick's alleged abductor are posted below this case summary. He wore cut-off blue jean shorts and no shirt or shoes and spoke with a "hillbilly" dialect or accent. He also had a hairy chest. The unidentified man may have been driving a red Ford pickup truck with a white camper, which had windows covered with curtains. The vehicle left the field's parking lot at approximately the same time Nick disappeared. The truck had a short wheel base and a dull paint job due to age. The camper was possibly damaged on its right rear end. Witnesses stated that the camper appeared to be four to five inches shorter than the truck.


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