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Possible Victims - Rhode Island

Discussion in 'Deaths of Male College Students/The River Killers' started by future criminologist, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Another case from the "Footprints at the River's Edge" blog:

    Greg Hart


    To further put this death into context for you with other suspicious deaths in the area - Greg Hart disappeared on March 13, 2010 in Providence, Rhode Island, last seen leaving a bar.

    Just ONE MONTH EARLIER, Gene Losik disappeared from outside a Boston hotel after a night spent in Faneuil Hall drinking and dancing with friends. Boston is 50 miles from Providence. His body is discovered in November 2010 washed up on Rowes Wharf.

    FOUR MONTHS before Gene, in October 2009, William Hurley disappears from Boston as well, after leaving a Bruins game, waiting for a ride home from his girlfriend. (FYI, I live in Boston and the TD Banknorth Garden where the Bruins and Celtics play is, as one would expect, right next to a lot of bars and restaurants where people go before and after the games). His body is discovered a few days later in the Charles River.

    Another interesting note on Greg Hart from this article, and a possible connection to the other Mass. cases:

    Check out what happened to William Hurley's phone, in a post on his death, from the same blog:


    I've not had a chance yet to read up on every case - I'm going through them but right now I only know about the ones in my area - but I'm wondering in how many cases the victim's phone was found intentionally damaged. That might be something else that links these cases together/fits the pattern/profile.

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