Post office delivers mystery -- a 1922 postcard

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    PORT CLINTON -- In September 1922, Roscoe St. Myer penned a message to his wife on the back of a romantic postcard, promising to write back when he heard from her again. He affixed a 1-cent stamp and mailed it to her rural Port Clinton home from someplace in Berea.

    His postcard arrived at the Port Clinton Post Office -- almost 82 years later.

    The historic correspondence arrived unexpectedly last week in a routine mail shipment from the U.S. Postal Service distribution center in Toledo. Postmaster Kay Tobey said she had no idea how the yellowed postcard ended up in the shipment, or where it originated from.

    "Check this out. This is so cool," Tobey said, holding the postcard in her hands. "It's amazing that we can even still read it. It was done with pencil.
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