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May 3, 2008
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For a few days in a row, there have been numerous TOS violations on this case. While it may seem harmless to some, we are getting dozens of complaints from other members who want to discuss this case constructively. From now on, there will be more time outs issued to those who repeatedly choose to ignore our guidelines.

Here are just some of the problems that occur over and over:

* Baiting /Trolling / Inciting Conflict: There are times when a member violates our rules by trying to upset other members. Please use your ALERT feature when this happens and DO NOT RESPOND TO THE POSTS. When a moderator is able to deal with the problem, it takes a LOT less time when he/she doesn't have to also deal with all the responses to the offense. Plus, it makes the one who initially started the conflict keep on going.

* Inviting/Baiting: This is when someone says they have information they can't share on the forum. Then someone else asks for them to PM the information. It's like be at a party and whispering secrets to each other and is not allowed here. If you have something private to share, then send a private message and don't announce it on the public thread.

* Dreams/Visions: WS doesn't condone dreams and visions and psychic information. There are plenty of sites out there on the WWW that do, but we are not one of them. We have not found that information to be helpful in solving cases.

* Announcing alerts: Don't announce that you are alerting. Just do your part and make the alert and move on.

* Sleuthing guidelines: We don’t permit any posts discussing the sleuthing of non-players. This is done to protect the innocent. Think about it – suppose your son (or daughter) gave your next door neighbor a ride to the grocery store, dropped them off with the understanding that they had a ride home. That neighbor disappears and is now missing. Do you want hundreds of people sleuthing your background? Knowing where you live, work, your kid’s names, ages, where they go to school? Would you like every skeleton in your closet to be shaken and posted on a public forum for the world to see? It is not right and not fair to innocent people. Most of these people are only a friend or acquaintance by sheer circumstance. They do not deserve the public scrutiny. It is completely understandable for Law Enforcement to take this approach. However, after their investigation, if they find no basis for suspicion and clear these people, they don’t make their records public either. Simply put, it just ain’t cool to do and we don’t do it here at Websleuths.

* Sleuthing other members: It doesn't matter what they are doing here, we do NOT sleuth other members. Anonymity is taken very seriously on Websleuths. If this continues, a member could lose their posting privileges permanently

* Derogatory Name Changes to Case Players/General Name Calling: is not allowed here. That being said it has also been argued about what is an acceptable name to call the victim in this case: Jun Lin and Justin are fine as they have both been reported on.

* “Off-Topic” Posts: Off-Topic posts are subject to editing or removal at administrative discretion, and without notification. Members that continuously post off topic may have their posting privileges suspended.

* social media discussion stays in the subforum: there is a stickie for this discussion and the rules are clearly posted there. Do not bring posts from that area to the main forum or you will be timed out.

* Do not post links to the video or post links to blogs: This is self explanatory

* Posting in another language is fine if you also translate this to English.

* Attacking another country: This case is international. Attacking other countries is not acceptable.

* Death Penalty Discussion: is permitted ONLY in the thread that has been set aside for this discussion. All previous rules apply there, of course!

* Verified Posters, Insiders & Locals:

See this Link to the Verified Posters: Professionals and Insiders.

We don’t verify every local who follows any case. You are welcome to post photos & maps of the area, post your knowledge about specific areas (e.g., directions, locations, weather conditions, etc..) so we can all have a better understanding. What you cannot do is post information relayed to you by another person That is RUMOR and we do not participate in any rumor chasing events here.

An insider is usually someone with direct knowledge. Often a family member or a close friend. Those we do verify. Keep in mind no one is obligated to become verified; we completely respect and understand those who choose not to do so. All we ask is that you not post inside information claiming it as fact.

That all said, we are very careful when verifying members. However, we cannot endorse the content of their posts nor assert as to the truth of what is being stated. It is up to the reader to decide that for themselves. We’re simply letting you know that an Administrator or Owner has spoken with this person, gathered data to investigate that they are who they say they are. We do this to protect the integrity of the information posted here.

None of these rules are new and a more detailed explanation of them can be found in the rules and etiquette section of the main page of websleuths

Everyone is now being held responsible for knowing the rules.

Please know that Moderators are here to help. We realize it takes a bit to learn the WS policies. We've all been there ourselves. At the bottom of the Forum homepage you will see a list of "Forum Leaders". Please feel free to contact the moderator of your choice with any questions you may have. We will be happy to help you learn the ropes around here!
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