Postcard Arrives in Ind. After 58 Years

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    SPICELAND, Ind. (AP) -- A postcard that a mother mailed to her son in 1948 was finally delivered to the recipient - but only after the town's postmaster bought it on eBay.

    Spiceland Postmaster Judy Dishman, away from her office on leave, bought the postcard because it featured a country view of the Spiceland area, about 40 miles east of Indianapolis. Dishman noticed the postcard was addressed to 82-year-old Charles "Rocky" Rose of Spiceland, so she delivered it.

    The card was from Rose's late mother, Dollie Rose. The mother and son used penny postcards to exchange news during the 1940s, while the son was working in Lima, Ohio, and the mother was in Spiceland, about 100 miles west.

    Part of the address is crossed out, and Rose isn't sure why the postcard was never mailed or where it has been for the last 58 years. The postcard reads in part, "Hi Buddy. How's my boy? Fine I hope."

    To Rose, the words are priceless.

    "I wouldn't sell it for nothing on earth," he said.
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