Posting Guidelines for Today's Frye Hearing (READ ONLY)

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    Posting Guidelines for Today’s Hearing

    · We will have 2 threads, but they will not run simultaneously.

    · Thread #1 we’ll call the actual Hearing Thread.
    · Thread #2 we’ll call The Sidebar. (thanks to zoey for the perfect thread title!)
    · The Hearing Thread will remain closed until 20 minutes before court begins (allowing time to post live feed links), during lunch breaks and immediately after court recesses for the day.
    o Permitted: commentary about the hearing - witnesses, testimony, and humorous, clean "quips" relevant to the testimony or demeanor of the players/witnesses.
    o Not permitted: posts expressing personal disdain for any of the players (e.g., JB & the DT, Casey’s jail issued bra showing, appearance type posts, etc…)
    o Unnecessary chatter is subject to removal at the mod’s discretion for the benefit of all members. (Save it for Thread #2 OR open live chat and invite your buddies to join in while court is in session.)

    ·The Sidebar Thread will be open for chit-chat before the trial, during lunch and after the hearing thread closes for the day.
    o Here posters are encouraged to gear up for the hearing, chit-chat at will, post about the gum chewing, vent about the players and post about all the trivial stuff not allowed in the hearing thread. This thread is casual, however all posts must still adhere to WS’s TOS.
    o This thread will open/close throughout the day it and will be very casual. That does not mean it is a general rant thread, so please have fun, but remain respectful.
    For clarity sake, when one thread closes, the other one opens. One thread will remain closed at all times, except for AM & PM breaks.

    THANK YOU ALL for your participation and cooperation! :blowkiss:
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