Preserved Fetus found in parking lot

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    ORLANDO, Fla. -- A preserved human fetus was discovered inside a medical container Tuesday night in a mall parking lot in Orlando, Fla., according to Local 6 News.

    Orlando police said a street sweeper made the unusual discovery at about 10:15 p.m. at a shopping center located on Michigan and Delaney.

    Initially, police responded to the discovery thinking it was a case of an aborted baby or perhaps a newborn dumped in the parking lot. However, detectives said the case did not make sense after discovering there was no blood, no umbilical cord or signs of trauma.

    The container was apparently from a medical facility and had tracking numbers on it, Local 6 News has learned. Police are checking with abortion clinics, hospitals and labs to see if they are missing a fetus, Local 6 News reported.

    "There is a good possibility that it (fetus) was in transport form some location to another and obviously it has no business being in the parking lot," Orlando police spokesman Joel Right said.
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