President Mugabe reads wrong speech, nobody tells him

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    President Robert Mugabe has caused embarrassment at the state opening of Parliament in Zimbabwe, by accidentally reading the same speech he'd used for his State of the Nation speech last month. His audience sat in uncomfortable silence listening, but no-one pointed out the 91-year-old's mistake and he didn't notice either.

    Later, the government-owned Herald gravely announced the 'delivery' should be set aside.

    Silence may have been golden during the speech mistake because the last time people caught President Mugabe stumbling - albeit in a physical way - everyone was ordered to delete their images. Some reporters obviously didn't hear the message though.

    ETA: I don't think it's funny or even bizarre that a 91-year-old appears to be showing lack of balance, memory and a lot of confusion. I do find it bizarre he's still running the country though.

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