Priest, Author And Critic Rev. Andrew Greeley Dies

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    Rev. Andrew Greeley, who was a best-selling novelist as well as a liberal thinker known for "sometimes scathing critiques of his church," died Wednesday night in his sleep, The Chicago Tribune and other news outlets report. He was 85.

    " 'I'm a priest,' he wrote in his 1986 memoir, Confessions of a Parish Priest. 'Not a priest-sociologist or a priest-journalist, or a priest-novelist, or any multiple variation of those hyphenates. I'm a priest, a parish priest. The other things I do in life: sociological research, journalistic writing, storytelling, are merely way of being a priest.' "

    Still, as the Sun-Times adds, "he was the author of more than 150 books, some academic texts, others steamy potboilers. His first mystery novel, The Cardinal Sins, published in 1981, sold millions of copies, spending eight months on The New York Times best-sellers list."
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    Sad indeed. I've long admired Fr. Greeley and have read more than few of his books.

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