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    Princess Blue's Dentals - Broken down by our lovely LionRun.

    UPDATED on 01/31/2009 by RKnowley. Information in red font was added by RKnowley. Dental information comes from Jennifer Love. She is the Harris County Medical Examiner. The information is posted here on

    Eruption Charts
    Primary Teeth Eruption Chart
    Permanent Teeth Eruption Chart

    From the original ME's report dated circa 9/90. My comments are in blue.:

    "teeth 1, 17 and 32 (wisdom teeth) were present and unerupted."

    There is no mention that any of the 3 wisdom teeth were impacted, and that none had yet erupted further indicates that Princess died between the ages of 17 and 21. There are exceptions to this, and I think someone may have posted here that their wisdom teeth didn't erupt until the age of 24. This would be more of an exception.

    ETA: Other methods, including examining/measuring the long bones and studying certain sutures may have also been used to estimate Princess Blue's age at date of death. I didn't include this in post 451 on thread 3, and it may have caused some unnecessary confusion. I am sorry about that.

    Tooth 16 was absent. The corresponding alveolar spavce was totally obliterated by mature bone tissue.

    That there was mature (fully formed) bone tissue filling the gap where wisdom tooth 16 should have been, the tooth was perhaps either surgically removed some time before death (the gap was completely filled with fully formed bone--that takes time to occur afte a tooth, especially a tooth with a large root is removed). Or it is possible that wisdom tooth #16 never formed.

    Okay, I will try and keep it as simple as possible from now on.

    This report seems to lack detail in that some teeth are not even mentioned. It is inconsistent concerning the condition of all of the teeth. Some teeth are describes as, "present", yet we don't know what condition they may have been in. I assume that if there was anything outstanding it would hopefully have been mentioned.

    "?" means the tooth was not mentioned either way.

    Tooth Numbers

    1. present-wisdom tooth-unerupted.

    2. present-large carries

    3. present-good condition

    4. present-good condition

    5. absent-but this occurred after death, so a missing report would not list tooth 5 as missing.

    6. present-large carries

    7. Postmortem loss (open socket)

    8. Postmortem loss (open socket)

    9. present-fractured tip after death, so this would not have been on a missing report

    10. Absent-was surgically removed prior to death. The gap in the bone was partially filled in with new bone, and this indicates that the dental procedure was possibly performed a few months to a year prior to Princess's death from my recollection of such things. I am unsure of exactly how long it takes for bone to grow into the alveolar space once a tooth of that size is removed. So, please don't quote me on that.

    11. Natural tooth, no filling

    12. Postmortem loss (open socket)

    13. Postmortem loss (open socket)

    14. present-small filling

    15. Postmortem loss (open socket)

    16. Antemortem loss (healed socket)

    17. present-wisdom tooth-unerupted

    18. present-small filling

    19. present-large carries

    20. present-large carries

    21. present

    22. present

    23. present

    24. present

    25. present

    26. present

    27. present

    28. present

    29. present-small carries

    30. present-good condition, except that the tooth had black discoloration indicative of a possible small carries

    31. present-good condition

    32. present-wisdom tooth-unerupted

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    The fact that tooth #16 was absent and mature bone was present does not necessarily mean that Princess Blue's wisdom tooth was removed; she could have a situation similar to mine where that wisdom tooth is just not present.

    I'm in my late 20s and I never got my wisdom teeth. I had my first dental x-ray two years ago and was told that I will never get them, they are not present in my mouth at all thanks go good genetics, I guess. Instead, I have mature bone (my jaw bone) in their place.

    I heard that there are also people that get one or two wisdom teeth and the others are just not present so they never come in... Maybe a dentist can help clarify that?
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    I was 31 and 35 when I had my bottom two wisdom teeth removed; they started coming through just prior to removal. Also, I do not have top wisdom teeth (thank you Lord!).
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    Just happened to notice Kristy Lynn Booth missing from Midland County, Texas was a senior at Lee High School between the years 1978-1979. It does say her #30 tooth was missing and Princess Doe had hers, but I wonder if they knew each other~~or possibly someone in Kristy's family may have yearbooks from that era?

    Kristy seems to be taller at 5.7"-5.8" and 115-120 lbs.
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    I have no adult teeth underneath of some of my back teeth, so they will always remain baby teeth. This was discovered by dental x-rays. I did, however, have wisdom teeth & a painful surgery to get them out.

    Like most things, there's so much variance between individuals.

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