Prof claims murder conspiracy targeted, killed 3 climate-change scientists

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    Hm....conspiracy theories -- love/hate relationship with 'em, me. An interesting one here though. Whattaya think?


    Three scientists investigating melting Arctic ice may have been assassinated, prof claims
    Cambridge Professor Peter Wadhams suspects the deaths of the three scientists were more than just an ‘extraordinary’ coincidence

    Mail on Sunday:

    Have 3 climate change scientists been ASSASSINATED? The astonishing claim by professor

    ⁍ Professor Peter Wadhams insists three scientists may have been murdered
    ⁍ Seymour Laxon died after a fall while Tim Boyd was struck by lightning
    ⁍ Katharine Giles was crushed to death by a truck while cycling in London
    ⁍ Prof Wadhams believes they were killed by oil lobby workers
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    I love conspiracy theories but I think:

    “Sometimes there are tragic coincidences and you have to accept that.”

    is what happened here.
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    It seems there is no mysterious hit and run, the truck driver's identity is known, and there was a storm that was knocking down power and phone lines when the man was struck by a lightning. Accidents in New Year's parties aren't exactly uncommon either. It happened in a "house in Essex", which sounds like a private residence to me. They might have noticed if there were mysterious oil lobby assassins crashing the party.

    Professor Wadhams, Cambridge University's head of Polar Ocean Physics Group, claims that in the weeks after Professor Laxon's death, he was targeted by a lorry trying to force him off the road.

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    I understand why he's spooked but the police probably know more about the circumstances of each death than he does and hopefully have good reasons to describe each as an accident.
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    I wonder how being struck by lightening fits into this conspiracy.
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    That's one powerful lobby if they control lightning.......

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