Profile of the killer (Opinion)

Discussion in 'Brianna Denison' started by NewMommy09, Feb 21, 2008.

  1. NewMommy09

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    This one is for you. :crazy:
    I thought it would be good to start a thread where everyone can post their personal opinions on the profile of the killer. Anything from occupation, to looks, to what type of member of the community, etc.
    This will be interesting to re-read after they've caught this ***. And I refuse to believe they won't catch him.

    I will add my profile later.

  2. newshound81

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    I don't know how much of a complete profile I can offer, but here are my thoughts:

    - He may work in construction or architecture. This might explain the timing of the attacks and the tanness of his arms, and his somewhat average body type. This may also mean he travels to other cities or states, leaving open the scary possibility that there are victims elsewhere and that he is currently out of the area. He also could have down some type of construction work for the university campus, hence why he knows the area so well.
    - Has martial arts training. Still may do it as a hobby or at a gym, possibly the gym or martial arts studio near where Bri was found.
    - He is either married or has a girlfriend and has at least one child.
    - His SO's pregnancy may have thrown him into this series of crimes. Since the frequency of sex typically decreases as a woman gets further along, the perp may have been unable to wait any longer.
    - It may be that his SO being pregnant/gaining weight turned him off, discussed him, which is why he went for such slim girls. SO could have resembled his "type" prior to pregnancy.
    - He may have left evidence/defiled Brianna's body because he accidentally killed her before he could "enjoy" her. If there is necrophelia, posing or any mutilation involved, that would heighten this theory. He was angry that he messed up and couldn't carry out the attack the same way he wanted to. I don't necessarily think this means he's taunting police.
    - I think the night he took Brianna centered on him perhaps seeing her and her friends somewhat intoxicated.
    - If not caught, he will strike again, but no time soon and not in Reno.
  3. txsvicki

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    I'm reading an interesting book right now and one chapter is on types of rapists. It's confusing though because this rapist/murderer seems to fit all four types in a short period of time. He seems to have traits from all categories. He took one victim home, most likely tried to come break in another night, beat one up, seems to collect souvenirs, and we don't know yet how sadistic he really is. I think it would be hard to say what the education level or intelligence might be. I think he lives in the area of his comfort zone, does spend time outdoors if not with work then with watching women, no hard physical labor, has a sexual dysfunction with his relationship, has a girlfriend or wife and child, pays little attention to the child since he didn't pick up the baby shoe from the floorboard, is off weekends, and may go out some nights or take walks to case out neighborhoods, is probably a window peeper, and has acted on impulse and built up anger. He may actually be in some class since there were also typewritten 8x11 sheets of paper in the truck. Maybe his wife takes classes and he picks her up at school.
  4. SeriouslySearching

    SeriouslySearching Well-Known Member

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    My profile of this man:

    1. Late 20s-Early 30s
    2. Married/Living with SO
    3. Low to Medium Income (may own small business)
    4. Has more than one vehicle
    5. Has child/children
    6. Non-smoker
    7. Plays golf or softball and video games
    8. Likes to gamble (sports, slots, poker/blackjack)
    9. None or little college education
    10. Wife/SO is controlling at home
    11. Shows a temper on the job, playing/watching sports, & driving
    14. Brown hair with highlights from sun or dyes
    15. Goatee (has had for long time)
    16. Caucasion with possibly some Native American or Hispanic heritage
  5. Jade

    Jade Well-Known Member

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    This is a theory I read in a comments section of an article about a possible related attack in the Whalen parking garage on UNR. The parking garage is the one that is by the basketball complex and the commenter theory is a basketball player or someone associated with the program because the clothing descriptions would apply to a player and they routinely park in this garage.

    Can’t find the comment now but this is a link to the article that prompted the comment:
  6. KR2tonenow

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    *White with Native American (Based on sketch).
    *Has goatee.
    *Medium build, works out at gym.
    *Young enough to fit in with University crowd.
    *Has killed before (in another place), based on the way Brianna was left at the field. This was no amateur.
    *Possibly travels for work (construction, based on tanned arms and possibly vehicle (could be a work truck).
    *Currently or before resided in the Reno area.
    *Has girlfriends, but not married (but as another poster commented, girls like Brianna are out of his league), this guy is a loner.
    *Was attending University events to stalk out girls.
    *Possible peeping tom.
    *Definitely serial rapist.
    **Probably left Reno area could be another state, LE needs to look for rapes in California and Arizona that relate to these crimes and description of perp.
  7. tempusfugit

    tempusfugit Inactive

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    Caucasian/ not going by sketch
    20-30 years of age
    5'8 - 5'10
    Brown hair, possibly dyed it or shaved it by now.
    Stocky build
    Single, seldom dates
    Low self-esteem, feels inferior, has few friends, maintains a low profile
    Military training or possible High school ROTC training
    Education is limited, would have liked to have gone to college, but do to finances could not.
    Low income job
    Truck is 1992-97
    Brianna was his first murder
    Has probably left the state
  8. 10EC_Dad

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    - early 30s
    - low-mid income
    - white
    - is NOT a Peeping Tom
    - has NOT killed before
    - has used prostitutes previously
    - married/div
    - manipulative
    - loner/quite
    - narcissit
    - short
    - under 165 lbs
    - emotional trauma as a child
  9. close_enough

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    interesting profiles here....

    i tend to think he's not married....
    if he had a goatee, he doesn't have it now..

    i'll keep thinking...going to go eat pizza with my daughter-in-law:)
  10. crypto6

    crypto6 New Member

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    Agree, esp the narcissism. He 's probably an underachiever, much smarter than he portrays. How does the pink panther tie into this? Is he really a detective or mocking LE for being bumbling? Why leave female DNA on the thong, since he could have removed it and left just his own? This guy is on a level we haven't seen in a while, IMHO.

  11. 10EC_Dad

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    To repeat a common phrase, the thong has thrown me for a loop. I am still not sure it was left intentionally. But, it is hard to believe that he was that clumsy. So at this point, I think it is being careless.

    I may be really under estimating him. I am trying to not veer to far from the know facts.

    I do agree that he is an underachiever.
  12. superunknown

    superunknown Well-Known Member

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    I have a few of my own theories about this person:

    Age: 25-30 yrs old, caucasian, medium build

    -I think this guy is well liked, a 'regular guy' who appears normal and unthreatening. I don't feel he's terribly attractive or terribly ugly. He's someone you probably would not remember if you saw him in passing.

    -Contrary to the other opinions, I think that he gets along with others on the surface. What he's doing now is something very hidden and I believe that psychologically he regards it as a fetish. As such, he only gets an "itch" once in a while, usually when under stress.

    -I feel this person comes from a stable background and has probably been indulged by his parents. Perhaps an only child, who has been used to being #1 and the favorite, and thus is used to getting what he wants, when he wants it... and more importantly, he feels ENTITLED to it.

    -I think this guy has some education, perhaps a couple of years of community college and is in a semi technical field or trade.

    -I don't think he's married but he's had a few girlfriends and there may be one in particular that he feels wronged him. I also think he likes internet porn and horror movies along with video games.

    -He is leaving DNA behind because he thinks he is too smart to be caught and does not fit the "profile".

    -I think he grows the facial hair when he's got the itch to carry out an attack and then shaves it when it's over. I think the same thing with his groin area. There is some ritual involved here for getting ready to hunt. I don't feel his hunts are elaborately planned. He likes certain areas and waits for the window of opportunity to arise. That is part of the thrill for him... seizing the moment.

    -I think that when he's caught, the people who know him will be stunned. It may come out after that he's had a history of this behavior with females that has gone unchecked for some time. I feel the parents may have an idea but have been in denial about it and have enabled it by solving 'problems' when they've come up in the past.

    -I think the panties were left behind to confuse the police and I don't believe they belong to a victim. They may be something an old girlfriend left behind a long time ago.

    -I don't believe the baby shoe seen by the victim is his baby's. I think the shoe is his and was hanging off the rearview mirror of his truck. He may have taken it down so the victim could not see it and it was on the floor.
  13. 10EC_Dad

    10EC_Dad Former Member

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    I tend to think it belongs to a baby in his life.

    Thanks for your contribution to this thread. It will be interesting what we find once he is caught.
  14. DeltaDawn

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    Everyone here has written really insightful thoughts about who this man is, how he thinks and operates. I'd like to add my two cents which mirrors many of your insights.

    If he is just starting he is more then likely in his early 20's. I tend to think that he is in his late 20's and has done this a few times before in a different part of the country.

    He may not be in the Reno area any longer and may have left right after he disposed of Brianna's body.

    I think he knows martial arts and still belongs to a dojo. Possible previous military training.

    His physical appearance and dress are so normal for his age that he won't be noticed.
    His speech, intellect and life habits would be normal. No recluse here.
    I think we are looking at someone who can meld in so well, that like BTK, he would never stand out for any reason.

    I think that he keeps trophies from his vics, but they are hidden so only he can relish them.

    His vic preference is evident from his other vics and that will not change to any degree. He has a deep seated reason for that preference.

    I believe that he will continue to rape and kill until he is caught by LE or stopped by a vic or someone helping them.
  15. philamena

    philamena Former Member

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    IMO, the perp,
    is a white male
    is between 25-35
    lives in the immediate area
    is married
    has a child
    works near where the body was found
    has raped before
    has killed before
    was at the vigil
    will rape and kill again
    is taunting LE with the panties and possibly something else the general public doesn't know about.
  16. Leila

    Leila Active Member

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    This is my profile of the perp:

    male, caucasian
    late 20's or early 30's
    5' 7" to 5' 10"
    brown hair
    not a native of Reno and no family in the city
    works in an outdoor capacity - perhaps construction
    high school education - maybe some college classes
    a loner with a few friends
    quiet, gets along with co-workers, and doesn't arouse suspicion
    not married, but has had relationships which ended badly
    uses drugs on occasion
    into porn
    has attacked women before, but Brianna is his first murder
    moves every couple of years due to job
    Still in or near Reno, but laying low
  17. MCDRAW

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    I think he's in his 20's, only because of the soft facial hair. I think he is probably married with a baby. I think it could be one of the reasons that no one suspects him. I'm thinking of Ted Bundy. He is probably one of those people that no one notices or they see as harmless. I want to think he may even be a college student. The baby shoe throws me. I also think that he shaves his private area as a ritual when going "hunting". I'm thinking he is still in Reno. He may try not to do it again but he will. I think Brianna is the first person he killed. He may not have meant too. But now that he has crossed that line, he'll rape and kill again. IMO I think everyone will be surprised when he is caught. They will immediately think he couldn't have done it. But then they will start piecing things together and think they should have figured it out sooner.
  18. ThoughtFox

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    I think that's absolutely true, McDraw! In fact, that's almost always true, unfortunately. Appearances can be so deceiving, and the description of this guy means he just looks like a regular Joe.
  19. 10EC_Dad

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    I have already posted my opinion on the profile but I just read something that I thought was interesting. The person was comparing two, of many, types of hunting techniques in nature.

    1) The Lion:

    Prowls for their victim, looks for the weak and vunerable, patient, stalking, attacks in the open

    2) The Spider:

    Positions themselves and hides in their hole, waits for the victim to come to them, is not selective, quickly darts out, immobilizes their victim, drags them back into the hole.

    Well, just found it interesting.
  20. EnvoyDriver61

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    My thoughts:

    He used to live in town, but now only comes in for work now. He's 24-26, the baby of the family with a few fairly older (than him) siblings and his parents are probably older too.

    He uses a rental car, but has family in town and has borrowed that family member's car to do his stalking, etc. That borrowed car is a Trailblazer.

    He's younger, single. He's very charming really and used to lots of attention.

    The panties were purchased online from someone who does a webcam type show and sells articles of clothing (thus the perps leaving them there with virtual belief he won't get caught because the underwear's owner probably lives across country and wouldn't begin to think of the connection.)

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