Prosthetic Limbs needed in Haiti

Discussion in 'Up to the Minute' started by believe09, Feb 10, 2010.

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    A Company in CA is refitting the limbs and sending them to the island where there have been so many crushing injuries and amputations.

    On a personal note, the parents of my daughter's best friend moved here 11 years ago from Haiti. All of their family lives there inside Port Au Prince and the outskirts of the city. All are in banking or education. Only one was significantly injured, thank God. She was airlifted to the Dominican Republic for emergency surgery when she was pulled from the school where she teaches. Both of their mothers happened to be here in the US when the city fell to the earthquakes. Right now, the whole family is living on a farm outside of the city. The whole extended family.

    Imagine being unable to access your bank account, call your friends, get onto a computer, go to the grocery store. You cannot drive because there is rubble everywhere. No anesthesia, no medicine, no running water and no electricity.....
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    I guess thats what it will be like if the US gets hit with an EMP. A sobering thought for us all.

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