Protests Against Dolphin Slaughter Movie

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    "An Oscar-winning documentary about dolphin slaughter, "The Cove," is facing a raging fight to be seen in Japan, where it was made, even as its director and star are appearing on "The Oprah Winfrey Show" today in a segment taped for Earth Day."

    ""The Cove" focuses on the western coastal town of Taiji, Japan, where 23,000 dolphins are killed every year for their meat or are sold to aquariums."

    "Dolphin meat contains toxic levels of mercury and is sold as food. The majority of people in Japan don't even know this is happening."

    "Making 'The Cove' was a covert operation," he said. "Even George Clooney told me at the Oscars that 'The Cove' was more of a thriller than 'Ocean's Eleven' because it was real."

    Celebrities speak out:
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