Psychological significance of hearts re: deceased toddlers

Discussion in 'General Information & Discussion' started by ATasteOfHoney, Sep 13, 2013.

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    There has been much speculation of the significance of "heart" symbols in three unrelated toddler deaths: JonBen*t R., Cayle* A., and now Elain* S.
    If you recall, JonBen*t allegedly was found with a heart drawn on her hand, Cayle* had a heart decal over tape, and now Elain* has a heart drawn on the outside of the box her remains were found in.

    What is the psych profile of a person who would draw a heart and why?

    When do you ever draw this symbol, if you ever have as an adult?

    What is the common denominator?
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    That's a great question. Real fast I racked my brain wondering when was the last time I drew a heart.

    We draw them as kids. We draw them when we have our first crush. We draw them as teens when we're in love or think we are. We may draw them as adults for our own children or along with them, but I don't think I've ever just drawn a heart as an adult for no reason.

    Off to look for more information on hearts drawn by adults.

    Honestly I equate it more with pain as in heartbreak.
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    I draw hearts all the time. My girls are 2 & 6. It is a shape my 2 yr old can identify and she tries to copy when we "write" together. And my 6 yr old loves it when I dot the i in her name with a heart - I do it when I write her a note or put her name of something (like her new pencil box).
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    I use to do that when my girls were young too. I equate a heart with love. Not seeing how that fits with killing your child though. jmo

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